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The broker’s guide to CCR

Having a complete picture of a borrower’s financial position promises many benefits for lenders, brokers and borrowers alike. With comprehensive credit reporting on Australia’s doorstep, The Adviser speaks to industry participants about how brokers can prepare for and make the most of the new regime. The mandatory comprehensive credit reporting (CCR) regime – which requires [...]

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The next generation of brokers and homebuyers

The years fly by and before you know it, you’ll be sitting opposite a client or a potential employee who never saw the nineties. With the new generation slowly gearing up to enter the business environment, they’ll be bringing a vastly different set of perspectives, attitudes and principles, and those principles will guide their [...]

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Broker’s “honour” to teach students

Students from some of north Queensland's most remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities have taken part in their first workshop on money management, as part of an initiative jointly established by a broker and the MFAA. Meeting at the NRL Cowboys House in Townsville, the teenage boys were given lessons on basic financial skills such [...]

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The reinvention of business lending

Prospa's Matt Bauld and Alex Brgudac, the MFAA and four leading brokers, discuss the future of fintech lending Q: Brokers, what was the pivotal moment that inspired you to diversify into commercial and business lending and what do you think is preventing the large majority of brokers from doing the same? Josh Ugo: For us there [...]

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No tech substitute for the ‘human touch’

The financial services sector should continue prioritising face-to-face human interaction when assisting clients, despite the growth of artificial intelligence, according to one finance broker. Inspired by The Adviser Asia Study Tour in Hong Kong, principal and founder of Astute Ability Finance Group Mhairi MacLeod has said that there was no substitute for personalised customer service. “It’s hard [...]

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The women spearheading progress

Celebrating 12 women from across the lending and broking spectrum who are reinventing the industry's image and revitalising broking The women in this list are brokers, business owners, leaders, role models, mothers and industry advocates. They’re spearheading progress in their lives, workplaces and the sector at large, and leading the industry’s evolution. Their stories, which [...]

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ANZ Doyenne Program – Women In Broking

Mhairi attended a fantastic event in Melbourne this week, celebrating Women in Broking. "This week I was lucky enough to partake in the “ANZ Doyenne Program” with an amazing group of wonderful women. It was a great gathering of some very inspirational, motivated business women in our industry who are leading the way!"

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Finance Brokerage Launches Pathways Program

A leading finance brokerage behind a campaign to improve the financial skills of Australian teenagers has established a pathways program to provide experience in the financial services sector for senior high school students. The Founder and Principal of Astute Ability Finance Group, Mhairi MacLeod, who was honoured with the Community Champion Award at the 2018 [...]

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Businesses urged to ‘embrace’ Gen Z values to survive

The financial services industry should be cognisant of Generation Z’s shifting values and place a greater emphasis on corporate social responsibility, according to the founder of a NSW-based brokerage. The founder and principal of Astute Ability Finance Group, Mhairi MacLeod, has called on the financial services sector to embrace the shifting values of the estimated [...]

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