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Borrow from $20,000 to $2,000,000
with a business bridging loan

What makes them different is that Business Bridging Loans are FAST, and only for a very short term of 1 to 6 months

  • There are NO repayments during the term of the loan

  • A bad credit history, loan arrears are NOT A PROBLEM

  • Business start-ups or businesses with no financials are NOT A PROBLEM

  • We will happily pay out tax debts and bring mortgage arrears up to date

The only 3 requirements with these loans are:

  • You need to have real estate security (anywhere in Australia)

  • You need a business purpose for the loan

  • You need to know your exit strategy (i.e how you will pay the loan back in one hit at the end of the loan term)

Apply Now or call us on 1300 306 694

They are perfect if you plan to refinance your house or other real estate asset. but can’t wait the 2 – 3 months for a bank to come through with the funds.

They are also a lifesaver if you have purchased a property but the bank has let you down.   Rather than lose the deposit, we can save the day.

As long as you can satisfy the 3 points above, we can fund you by tomorrow.

These loans cost a little more than conventional long term loans… purely because these loans are only for a short term.  However for rates and further info, or to get a loan application under way, simply take 60 seconds to fill out the application form and we will be straight back in touch with you.