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Sue Wilson
Sue WilsonFinance Broker CRN 427846
Sue is a treasure trove of business knowledge. As a broker here at Astute, she works her magic devising solutions for our customers that encompass both the here and now, as well as the future.

Her understanding of business growth is phenomenal and comes from working in the business-to-business environment for over 30 years. She understands financial figures and corporate structures and just ‘gets’ it when diving into her customers’ needs from different perspectives.

Pragmatic and efficient, she sets her sights on getting the job done quickly and painlessly for everyone. A straight shooter, you’ll always get the honest truth from her, and you know she’s got your best interests at heart.

When Sue isn’t creating amazing solutions for her customers, you’ll find her enjoying time with her friends and family or kicking back at home with a good book.

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Mhairi MacLeod
Mhairi MacLeodFounder and Principal - Credit Licence 385843
As our charismatic founder and principal, Mhairi’s passion for excellence underpins the success and growth of Astute Ability Finance Group.
Always responsive to the changing financial landscape, Mhairi’s open mind and resourceful attitude have enabled her to build strong and lasting customer relationships. With her eye firmly on the future, she tips her 19+ years of industry experience and knowledge into everything she does.
Her driving force is the enjoyment she gets from the changes she creates in her customers’ lives, and within the industry. Passionate about keeping her finger on the pulse so she can deepen the customer experience, she also sits on numerous panels and boards. Never one to give up easily, Mhairi loves to navigate the often-tricky path to solve challenging problems to achieve optimal results for everybody.
It doesn’t stop there. As a strong believer in giving back, she’s the mastermind behind the Young Entrepreneurs Program – mentoring and inspiring kids and unlocking doors of possibility for them as they find their way in the working world.
When Mhairi isn’t at work, you’ll find her paddle boarding with her boys or outdoors in her garden .

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Kirsty Bryson
Kirsty BrysonFinance Broker - CRN 461138
Kirsty is our equine services extraordinaire. She’s able to hold her own in any conversation about horse floats, suppliers, brands and equipment – and throw in a few technical names to boot.
In her four years with Astute, she’s swiftly proven her skills in writing asset finance for both the self-employed and employed. Add to that her specialist experience in the yellow goods niche and the amazing working relationships she’s built with float suppliers and lenders alike – and she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her product knowledge is phenomenal.
She thrives on being able to solve problems to give her customers things they didn’t think were possible. Her ability to understand their goals and make it all happen is a credit to her ‘never say die’ attitude. She’s also the brains behind our online and social media presence too. When you meet her, you’ll quickly feel her sparkly enthusiasm for her work, her customers and the industry.
And in Kirsty’s off-duty time, you’ll find her exploring the countryside and vineyards in the breathtaking Hunter Valley, volunteering at Horse Welfare or chilling out at home with her beloved fluffy feline friend.

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Kirsten Howe
Kirsten HoweOperations Manager and Broker Support
Kirsten is the lifeblood of the Astute office. Her sunny attitude keeps everybody feeling positive as she makes sure everyone, and everything is in the right place at the right time.
She’s a whizz at setting up systems that keep the business humming along, ensures deadlines are met and that we tick all the boxes when it comes to compliance. Kirsten is also actively involved in running the Astute e-marketing campaigns. Her level-headed and skilful office management means our brokers can focus on what they do best – serving our customers.
She’s a dog lover too. So, when she’s not at work or playing sport, you’ll find her at the beach with her pooches or loving life with her family and friends.
Jason Bridgett
Jason Bridgett
In 2017 Mhairi decided it was time to put in place an NCCP style compliance program that would sit across the equipment finance channel to prepare for, and reduce the impact of regulatory change when it comes. Jason was contracted to undertake this role and to assist Mhairi in implementing her strategic plan.

Starting out in financial services in the risk insurance space, Jason eventually became involved in finance before working as a business development manager for a bank, a financial services compliance officer and later a financial adviser in London. Arriving in Australia in 2000 Jason worked as a mortgage broker for two years prior to taking operational roles in the aggregation space where he gained knowledge of the equipment finance market. During this time Jason wrote and implemented risk management and compliance programs for four aggregators. Since licensing was introduced in 2010 he has worked with three credit licensees in developing best practice systems and processes to ensure that they meet their obligations and conditions of their credit license.

With over 30 years of experience in sales, compliance, operations and risk management, and a solid understanding of all disciplines of finance & financial services Jason is well placed to assist Mhairi and the Astute Ability team in driving the business forward.

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