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We use our expertise to help our customers, our employees and the communities in which we work prosper.

Our approach

We understand that helping people secure the finance they need, helps them secure the future they want. We believe that this role helps shape a positive future for the people we help and that this forms the foundation of a healthy society.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility focuses on creating value through balancing the social, environmental and economic aspects of our business.



Our People



We place our customer at the heart of everything we do, they are the foundation of our business and we exist to help them get ahead. We focus on treating them fairly, doing business responsibly and always acting with transparency. 

In 2017 to underpin this philosophy we introduced a compliance program across equipment and commercial finance which is aligned with the disclosure and responsible lending obligations required by the National Consumer Credit legislation.

Turning Our Customers Ideas into Reality

We do as much as we can to help businesses of all sizes across Australia to prosper and grow. We do this by ensuring we are aware of the market and product innovation. We have a robust and innovative panel of product providers that provide a wide selection of options.
We also provide our customers with the knowledge they need to help them manage their finances which assists them toward increased financial wellbeing.
Ultimately our customers make informed decisions and enjoy greater choice, more solutions and better outcomes.

Financial Hardship

We understand that things can go wrong, and our team help our customers who are struggling to make their repayments by working with them and the financial institution to come up with a solution that is workable for all involved.

If you are struggling or stressed about meeting your repayments, we urge you to contact us right away. Talking to us about your situation will make you feel better.


Community involvement is important to us. Bringing people together for personal growth and fostering self-efficiency by providing valuable resources, such as financial literacy, and engaging the community at a grassroots level gives us so much back. Here is what we do.

Teaching children the value of money

In partnership with our peak industry body we deliver a one-hour financial literacy lesson to school-aged children in our local community. Lessons are designed to be fun and age-specific, targeted at the age groups:

  • Primary School children
  • Year 7-9 High School Children
  • Year 10-12 High School Children

The program teaches children and adolescents important, but often overlooked, financial knowledge and skills – financial literacy – at critical times in their development. Topics covered in the basic presentations include:

• Needs vs wants

• Reading your pay slip

• Saving

• Superannuation

• Budgeting

• Internet banking and online fraud

• Buying smarter (knowing what influences buying behaviour and the buyer decision-making process)

As well as key knowledge on the key topics covered, children should come away with an enthusiasm for, and ability to start a money-related conversation with their parents, teachers or guardians.

Young Entrepreneurs Program

We have written and deliver a High School Curriculum-aligned program teaches year 9-10 Business Studies, Commerce and Economics High School students the fundamentals of running a real start-up business. The program is based on a real-life pilot program.

In 2017, to extend our reach we licensed the program, at no cost, to our peak industry body, the MFAA. They now assist brokers throughout Australia to deliver the program and connect with their local community.


We also encourage our Team to make a real and meaningful difference in the community. We provide our Team with volunteering days. We believe this supports their growth, well-being, professional development and that it helps them extend their networks.


Our charity of choice is NRL Cowboys House. NRL Cowboys House provides supported accommodation for 50 young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from remote communities in north-west and Far North Queensland, enabling them to access quality secondary education options in Townsville.

Ageing Population & Future Workforce

We are developing a program with our industry partners to help the over 50’s return to work and to make more traineeships available to school leavers interested in a career in financial services.

Our People

We know that our people are fundamental to our long-term success as a business. We provide a workplace that is exciting, stimulating, flexible and inclusive so we can attract and retain the best people.

Our workplace is continually evolving and encourage our people to do so too. We do this by supporting their growth and professional development. We understand the importance of proving flexibility in the workplace and we’re committed to promoting gender equality and helping our women thrive at work.

In return our people provide outstanding service by providing positive experiences for our customers in all our dealings.


As a business that is based in an area of outstanding natural beauty we recognise our reliance on our natural resources and environment, so we have imbedded environmental responsibility into how we do business to improve our impact on the planet.

Our focus is on minimising our carbon footprint and consumption as much as possible. We are moving towards a paperless environment and have introduced new technologies that support this such as the move to electronic documents and signing.

We are committed to managing the impact of our business on the environment and have introduced the following targets:

  • Reduce our paper usage by 30% by 2020