Don’t let financial hiccups stop your business growth

//Don’t let financial hiccups stop your business growth

Don’t let financial hiccups stop your business growth

Don’t have current financials, a strong credit rating or your latest tax return? Or maybe you have struck hard financial times in the past and had to declare bankruptcy. No worries, whatever the challenge your start-up is facing, Astute Ability Finance Group has the expertise to help.

Like most things in life, there is no magic bullet for fixing a bad credit rating or sidestepping the fact you don’t have years of tax returns showing high income. But with discipline and sound financial habits, under the guidance of a commercial partner such as Astute Ability, the major banks who previously turned you away will soon view you favourably.

Take Fred (whose name we have altered to protect his identity), a real estate agent who enlisted Astute Ability’s expertise after personal circumstances led him to file bankruptcy. We collaborated with Fred for several months, ensuring he kept his bank statements in order and displayed excellent financial conduct on all his accounts. As a result, he was able to restore his credit rating and secure finance from a major bank to purchase a prestige vehicle for his business.

By collaborating with Astute, securing the finance you need to keep the business humming is achievable – and can happen fast. So, just like Fred, don’t let a lack of cash stop you from achieving business success.

Contact Astute Ability Finance Group today to find out your next move or for more great tips on how to secure a loan for your start-up without current financials.

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Mhairi MacLeod is a finance and insurance specialist who launched Astute Ability Finance Group in 1998. She is a regular media spokesperson and gender diversity thought leader.

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