Aussies drive record growth for car sales - time to find yourself a car loan?

March 6, 2018

Aussies love their cars probably more than their homes, with a record number of us snapping up a new vehicle in 2017.

A recent report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, showed total sales of new vehicles rising by 6.7% over the year to December 2017. Moreover, Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries says the Australian new vehicle market reached 1.189 million last year, up 0.9 percent on the industry’s previous record year of 2016.

So, it’s fair to say our infatuation with motoring continues to hot up. However, before hitting the dealerships, be sure to have your finances worked out, with the help of a finance broker such as Astute Ability Finance Group.

Let Astute do the legwork and research for you

A competitive car loan, for example, can come with a fixed interest rate as low as 5.5 percent, so getting the most suitable product with the help of Astute Ability before hitting the car yards can really pay off. Plus, by getting your finances sorted first, you’ll be able to factor the loan repayments into your budget.

* By collaborating with a motoring finance specialist such as Astute, we can give you a guide about how much you can afford to fork out for the new set of wheels. Moreover, our friendly car finance experts can get the right finance for your new wheels in less than 24 hours.

*And if you don’t have current financials, that’s no sweat for out finance specialists. Even if you don’t have your latest tax return, we can still find the suitable loan product fast to keep you and your business on the road.

On the flip side, you could go directly to a bank to check out their vehicle finance options. The issue with going to banks is that they’re not always experts in your field, and you may not get the same finance expert working on your application.

Moreover, it may take a bank many weeks to issue finance approval, which isn’t helpful if you need a new vehicle now. Instead, a finance specialist such as Astute Ability can offer tailored finance options to ensure you’re on the road in your new wheels faster.

For what it’s worth, March is great time for the self-employed to find a bargain on a motor vehicle. Many of the manufacturers will have runout deals on 2017 stock, and typically this will mean massive savings on new vehicles. Likewise, if you feel you have a big BAS liability hanging over your head this quarter, it’s possible to remove most of it by securing a vehicle for your business before March 30, 2018. But be sure to talk to your accountant about any tax moves you might consider making.

To find out more about how Astute Ability Finance can support your vehicle finance needs, call us on 1300 306 694.

 *Standard credit approval criteria and terms and conditions apply. CRN #385846

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