Turning car finance from a nightmare into a dream come true!

January 14, 2016

As you can see, Sean is one happy customer!  He recently contacted Kirsty here at our office after experiencing a nightmare trying to replace his car and finance an upgrade with his own bank.  Sean really believed he would be unsuccessful as his own bank had declined his application twice, citing poor credit history as the reason.  Undeterred, Kirsty had Sean request his credit file to find out exactly what the problem was - turns out there was no poor history at all!

The next challenge was to find a lender that would cover the shortfall on the old car loan.  Sean was selling his old car privately but didn't quite have enough to payout the old car loan.  Kirsty had Sean approved to buy his newer car (private sale) with enough extra to payout the old loan - all within a couple of hours.

Sean's buyer was happy that he knew the vehicle he was buying was unencumbered and Sean was happy that he could upgrade to his dream car at a better rate than his previous car loan.

Can Astute make your car buying dreams come true?  Call us today on 1300 306 694 to find out!

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